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Paid to Read Email Programs

$45 $70 $90 FREE just for signing up with the programs below!

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Top Pick - Join this Program for Sure!

MatrixMails   Awesome Program! I've made more with them than any other paid to read program. Join free and get paid for emails and 6 referral levels or join at the silver or gold levels and make more money with fast start bonuses and a matrix.

The Rest of the List

Programs in BOLD are recommended! Programs with Signup Bonuses begin with $$ 

SacMoney.Com  These guys send out more emails than anyone! For a limited time, join and receive a $5 signup bonus!! Earn money surfing, receiving e-mails, referring friends, and in many other ways! They send lots of emails!

Amazing Solutions Get up to 50 cents per moneycode returned, up to $.10 for direct referrals, up to $.05 for extended referrals (1) and up to $.01 for extended referrals (2). No limit.
Avamail  Get paid 5-7 cents per email and about 2 cents per each referral email.
Bonus-Emails   1000 referral levels including 10% on levels one and two.
Cashaday  Pays 2 cents per email and 1 cent for two levels of referrals.
$$ CashMoneyEmail  Get $10 for signing up and pays 2 cents per email and 1 cent for referrals emails. Start now and build your downlines fast.
Cashspace   Cashspace will be paying from 3 to 10 cents per email and 1 cent per email for two levels of referrals. You can also earn referrals and ad points by using their RefBar, which will dispay banner ads to you.
DollarsByEmail  Pays on 5 levels. Amounts paid are unclear...some percentage of advertising revenue. Probably worth a try.
$$  DollarsLove   $30 signup bonus, 5-10 cents per email, 5 levels of referrals and make up to $30 per action.
$$ EarningForce  Pays from 2-5 cents per email and 1 cent for each referral email. They will also give you a $1 signup bonus.
EasyMail Brand new program paying 2 cents for your emails and 1 cent for your referrals. Still early enough to get lots of referrals.
$$ Join and they will give you a $10 sign up bonus. They pay 2 cents per email and 1 cent for your referrals (two levels).
GetCash4Email  Paying 6 referral levels at 10% - 5% - 4% - 3% - 2% - 1%
$$ GetPaidMore  $2 signup bonus plus pays on 4 levels 10%, 5%, 3%, and 2%. Start today to build your downline.
$$ Hits4Pay.comWow! $10 free to register, and get paid 2 cents each for your emails and 1 cent each for your referrals and their referrals.
$$ They have just added a $5 signup bonus. This is a definite must join! They pay 5 cents each and 1 cent for each of your referral's email. They will pay out on a $10.00 balance, which is lower than most of the other programs.
MailForCash  Paying 4 levels of referrals at 15%, 10%, 10% and 5%. It is open to international members.
$$ Megahits4u  Get a $10 signup bonus, then will pay 2 cents for each email read and one cent for each that your referrals read.
$$ MoneytoRead   New program paying a $2 signup bonus, up to 3 cents per email and 9 Referral Levels - 10%, 5%, 5%, 20%, 5%, 5%, 10%, 5%, 5%.
MrEmails   4 referral levels and pays out at $10.
OneDollarEmail  Brand new program...pays .5-5 cents per email, 1 cent for referrals and 1/2 cent for second level.They also have a paid to click section with many ads to check. Recommended!
Ouah Company says that their emails will pay between $.03-$2.29. There are 4 levels of referrals which pay 20%, 10%, 5%, and 2 1/2% respectively. Sounds like a good program.
$$ PayingEmails   Get a $1 signup bonus and get paid on 5 levels at 20%, 10%, 10%, 5% and 5%.
SendMoreInfo  Program pays about 5 cents per email and 2 cents for each referrals email read.
Spedia 5-10 points per email. They also have other ways of making money, including a paid to surf program
$$  SuperPayByEmail   Paying $15 signup bonus and 6 levels of referrals at 20% - 10% - 5% - 3% - 2% - 1%.
$$ SacMoney.Com  These guys send out more emails than anyone! For a limited time, join and receive a $5 signup bonus!! Earn money surfing, receiving e-mails, referring friends, and in many other ways! They send lots of emails!


GetPaidMore Safelist $10 lifetime membership, earn $5 referral fee for each new member you introduce to the program.

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Getting Paid

Joined all your paid to read programs? How about the downline builders and the matrix programs? How are you going to get paid? Each program has their own way of paying. Paypal is the most well known, but it isn't available in all countries. Sign up FREE with these companies and you should be ready to get paid by any of them!

Click Here to Join Paypal Click Here to Join E-Gold
Stormpay NoChex (United Kingdom only)
Yahoo PayDirect

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How good are these programs? Well, if you are looking to just make a couple of bucks, then join them all. But if you are expecting to earn a lot, then you need many people in your downlines. Begin with your friends and family, send them an email with your referral id for each program. If you place them all in one email, they can join each of them at one time. When you let them know that the programs are free and they only have to open their emails to get paid, many of them will be willing to do it for you. The number of emails they receive won't be excessive and take a lot of their time.

If you have a web site, place your links to the programs there, then begin to promote them. There are many different possibilities here, including search engine submissions, pay per click search engines, Paid Web Traffic sites, FFA (Free For All) pages, classified ads, banner exchanges, click exchanges, email signatures, ezine advertising, etc. All these come with a cost, some are dollars out of pocket, while some are time spent. The payoff comes later when you have built a good sized downline and the money comes in month after month.

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